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Edison Energy, a global sustainability and energy consultancy, came to us in search of a creative and pragmatic partner to support a landmark moment in their growth journey: uniting with their other two brands, Altenex Energy and Alfa Energy, to create a powerful foundation for global expansion. From three companies to one united front, this was an opportunity to trailblaze in an area that had been steadily growing within their business for many years: sustainability.

Over almost 10 months, our strategists, designers and project managers embedded into their team, working alongside them to honour decades of operations - now serving 30+ countries with a team of 450+ across North America and Europe - whilst carving out a new frontier for the business.

The task at hand? A new name, brand strategy, visual ID, and website.
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A significant energy transition is happening.  The question became: how do we develop a brand that represents the company as a global integrated sustainability and energy advisor to the world’s largest energy users?

Also, rebranding as a mature business is no mean feat. Existing brand equity must be maintained, and embedding a new brand internally across all touchpoints takes time. This wasn’t just a romantic, creative endeavour, but a practical, tactical one. This was a part of a wider growth strategy.

We set out with our artistic minds sharp, but feet firmly on the ground. We were focused on carving out unique space for them, whilst ensuring that it could successfully flex across all touchpoints, and be a catalyst for scale.

“Thursday was able to combine the heritage of our past and the persona of the company we are building and turn it into a simple, recognizable, slick, global brand.”

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After workshops and shortlisting, we landed on a fresh yet highly authoritative name that symbolises the coming together of Edison Energy, Alfa and Altenex as a catalyst for positive change. 

The power of three was also a profound historical idea that underpinned the name. Speeches, triangles and pyramids – they’re all built from ‘threes’, and they’re all the stronger for it. Through the ‘magic of three’, elements are blended and something new – and even greater – is brought to life.


After many in-depth stakeholder interviews, it became clear expertise was critical for their customers. They wanted to be led and guided through the complex process of decarbonization, from the boardroom to the boiler room, but needed that expertise in a way that was sensitive to their ongoing business-as-usual operations.

Therefore, this wasn’t the time for top-down mandates about what “should” be done, but rather a collaborative, non-judgemental process that meets them where they are. 
A process that is people-led and champions deep, hand-in-hand partnerships. Navigating the energy transition takes integrated thinking and internal alignment.


Together with their clients, Trio shares a purpose: to create meaningful climate action –globally. In every conversation, it’s their common ground. Moving as one is a central idea that underpins the strategy. Not only did three companies become one, but Trio also moves as one with their clients, meeting them where they are to deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals.

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"Each Thursday team member working on our initiative was engaged, personable, focused on our needs and fully briefed on our project."

Building on the idea of connectivity - both in terms of the client experience Trio offers, but also the  new, unified, company - we developed an organic mark that can be brought to life through animation. Balanced out by an elegant, authoritative wordmark, the Trio world came to life through earthy colours, and varying textures - inspired by nature, and filled with an energy reflective of the passion of their team.

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One of the most important articulations of any brand is the website.

Our digital team analysed the existing websites, alongside the key competitors and the overall ecosystem. Following a Discovery workshop, we then mapped out key user journeys and created a new sitemap alongside detailed design and functional specifications as well as a measurement plan to ensure the site performs well. 

Following this, our digital design team created a series of key templates for the new website, to reflect the new brand. 

The final site was built by a third party, our role here was to liaise closely with the technical build partner to ensure they had everything required to complete the build. 

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Central to our approach with Trio was balancing art with practicality, creating an identity that would support the team to create impact for decades to come. 

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