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WHEB are a leader in the impact investment sector, with one of the longest established sustainable investment strategies on the market. They only invest in businesses that have a positive impact on people and the planet ‘to advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments’. We knew from the outset that WHEB and Thursday were a good match.
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Their requirement was to deliver a better user experience online, replacing two websites with one. And also wanted to drive awareness and understanding of their mission, products and services, and to build on their credibility and thought leadership.

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We delivered workshops and interviews to understand their business and audiences which gave us a deep understanding of their foundations and vision. With limited knowledge of the sector, we asked lots of questions to fully understand the challenges. We explored different customer journeys across their institutional, intermediary and private investors. We understood the compliance and regulatory constraints; audited content and analysed data from their existing websites.

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Their brand position was already in place, but they needed a stronger visual and verbal identity. We evolved the existing identity by keeping some elements but re-imagined it. Using the 3 circle formations we crafted a monogram to become a frame for diverse stories and contexts. Giving the identity fluidity and movement, we drew inspiration from themes in nature and technology. It now represents a connected community and a growing movement to make a positive change. We crafted a tone of voice to deliver consumer friendly accessible language, and wrote key pieces of copy to support their key messages.


Next was UX design and a content architecture to support more simple user journeys to browse products and how to invest, while surfacing the deeper thought leadership. We designed pages to provide clear summaries of financial products, with deeper content easily accessible if needed. We reimagined interactive tools to help users understand their approach to impact investment and the social and environmental impact of their investments, including an impact calculator. By making a complex offering clear for an individual investor, the intermediary investors also benefit as they have what they need to support their clients. The site migration was supported with a redirect strategy, and performance against key metrics is much better understood due us setting measurement tools and dashboards.

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The new brand has been successfully rolled out across collateral which has been received well. After the initial couple of months since launch, the website is seeing organic traffic settle as before, and the engagement metrics have improved; over time we will better understand how the work has impacted lead generation.