Our recommendations: July 2022

Our recommendations: July 2022

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Woodies Wheeler-Bennett
04th August 2022

Here at Thursday, we are constantly sharing things among each other and we thought we’d share it to the wider world. Here are our recommendations of what we’ve read, watched, visited and listened to in July. 


Beginners guide to Stoicism

You will receive the emotional skills necessary to let go of the things you can't control and find delight in what you do have from this simple-to-follow stoicism course. This book assists you in finding contentment so you can forge closer connections and take an active part in society. It does this by providing you with ideas and exercises that will get you thinking.

How to kill your family

Grace Bernard vows vengeance and goes about killing every member of her absentee rich father's family after learning that he has turned down her dying mother's requests for assistance. In this deliciously dark adventure about class, family, love... and murder, readers have a front row seat as Grace picks off the family one by one. The result is as grisly as it is funny.

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Meli - Bicep

Bicep have released a new version of fan-favourite ‘Meli (I)’ called ‘Meli (II)’ and have unveiled details of a huge new London show. The new single is a 4×4 live-reworking of the beatless “Meli (I)” from their ‘Isles Deluxe’ release last year.

Therapy - Hot since 82, Alex Mills

Therapy is the lead single from Hot Since 82's new 8-track album. This remix package features an array of exciting talent from right across the house music spectrum.

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Westworld S3

In its third season, Westworld is attempting a similar ruse by replacing what had previously been a sombre examination of identity and humanity with a more overtly entertaining journey through the near future. The latest Westworld appears to have been created to meet expectations just where they are. The show's new goals, to please fans with clear, uncomplicated storytelling, offer obvious benefits, but they also restrict its potential.

Black Bird

Taron Egerton heads up this all-star group as the self-centered drug dealer seeking to reduce his prison term when an alluring opportunity arises… In order to convince the alleged murderer to give him a critical confession, he must move inside a maximum-security facility for the criminally insane and make friends with a serial killer. The show runners suggest the prospect that this scum may walk free at any time or might not have actually done the heinous crimes he has confessed to in the first place, making this exciting to watch.

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Immersive Klimt

One of our team visited Klimt's immersive animations in London, and raved all about it - in fact, they said it could sometimes feel like you were at a rave with the flashing lights and huge projections on the walls. Full of colour and energy this is an exhibition worth going to.

Chris Ware 

Our Account Manager has just come back from Paris where she visited the latest exhibition by cartoonist Chris Ware at the Pompidou Centre. Master of the comic art form and graphic novelist, Ware's narrative illustration is detailed with such intricacy; his imaginative page design uses cutaways and tiny boxes to tell his fascinating and very relatable stories.

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