DBA Winners

We are really proud and excited to shout about Thursday winning our first Design Effectiveness Award, 2021.

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24th June 2021

The thing about design is, unless you’re in the creative industry - and most clients aren’t - it can be hard to justify the value, or expense, of good design.

This is where The Design Business Association (DBA) comes in, superheroes for CDs and FDs everywhere. Their Awards provide unrivalled evidence of the power design has to transform businesses, improve societies and enhance people’s lives.

Winning one of their awards is proof that design, and design alone, has been profitable. Now that the team at Thursday has grown, and grown in confidence, it was time to apply. And, happily, win!

We are really proud and excited to shout about Thursday winning our first Design Effectiveness Award, 2021.

Castle Fine Art approached us to design and deliver a new website for their 25 year old brand, to launch in parallel with an in-house brand refresh and rename. With an established estate of over 30 galleries across the U.K, strong Art Consultant sales teams in their galleries, on email and phone, and a website that delivered a digital catalogue, they recognised that to build on their existing brand equity, reach and customer service they could offer customers the opportunity to complete their purchase online, delivering more engagement and conversion to purchase.

Since the launch of our insight-led website and ecommerce platform Castle Galleries have exceeded ambitious year-on-year targets for growth.

They have improved their customer service, made operational efficiencies, and have access to stronger data for marketing and measurement.

Design decisions led to a visual style and personalised experience that feels more like an online exhibition than a shop. Functionality supports their customers’ goals and reduces barriers around making a high value transaction online. Considerations for the wider context means the website and platform integrates with all areas of the business.

During the pandemic, Castle Galleries have proven their resilience due to the flexibility they now have. Galleries closed, and the Art Consultants could rely on the website and ecommerce platform to continue their work. They took advantage of the demand for online art increasing, and the market’s prediction that the pandemic would kick-start a long awaited industry-wide digital transformation.

Despite the turbulent year, since the website launched, the business is on track to exceed their original targets by 50%, with a 430% increase in turnover. The design effectiveness achieved has made a direct contribution to Castle Galleries resilience and year on year success. Winning an award for it, we hope will do the same for us at Thursday!